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Everything I said yesterday about not wanting a bird, or any responsibilities at all, I take back right now! I did a show in Orlando today--my worst to date, by the way. (Sweet N says, "If you make more than $0, it's a good show! You're only there to make contacts, anyway!")

While there I of course had to visit the Goffin babies! I held three darling little 8 week olds, they could hardly even walk yet. After I set each of them back down one in particular crawled over to the bars of the little bin/cage and, legs splayed, tried with all of her might to climb to the top to be held again!

I picked her up and cuddled her and held her and kissed her and I was soooooo falling in love with her that I set her back down and ran! No babies... not yet!

Oooh! New inspiration for my business! I want a baby soooooo badly!!! I am going to kiss her and cuddle her and name her Lilly and we will be the bestest of friends evar!

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I am trying to update my business card holders. The options are:

1. Some with full pictures (when available), some with head shots
2. Some with full pictures (when available), ALL with head shots
3. Head shots for all (would look like this: http://www.thetreasuredparrot.com/letteropeners.html)


I think it looks more professional with just all head shots, but am afraid that some would have liked the full pictures, where available, better. Which would you order--head shot or full picture?

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I feel you, Sophia
I feel you
Do they think that walls can hide you?
Even now I'm at your window
I am in the dark, beside you

I'll steal you, Sophia

Goodbye Sophia
You're gone and yet you're mine
I'm fine, Sophia
I'm fine


~Johanna, Sweeney Todd

When Sophia and I would play, I used to sing to her all kinds of silly songs, substituting her name for the one in the song. This was my favorite, and I'd sing I love you, Sophia....

Over a year, and still the grief is so great, as to be at times unbearable. This is what happens when you fall in love with another soul, human or not, and aren't prepared for their unexpected departure.

A year later, and still part of my soul is missing.

Yesterday N and I were at the beach. A seagull flew over to join us, and, never having paid much attention to them in the past, I was surprised that she was just Sophia's size. We tossed snacks to her. With each bite her confidence built, and she'd walk two steps closer.

She allowed us to feed the other little birds, too, without chasing them away, but when another sea gull came by, she ruthlessly chased it off. He returned several times, and with each subsequent chase she grew more slitty-eyed. It was absolutely adorable.

Then I tried working on some pictures for the store--the letter opener with Soph's pic needs to be updated. I was going to edit another of her pictures, but the heaviness of the grief was consuming. I cried myself to sleep last night, missing her, and am in tears again today.

Life needs to come with warnings. CAUTION: Do not get attached. Unexpected death will result in severe and long-lasting grief.

I don't think I could own (vs. foster, of course) another bird just because I could not bear the pain of another loss, not to speak of my love for Sophie.
sad grieving
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Me, scritching Sadie's head

Willow: *hiss*
Sadie stepping back and looking at me: *hiss*
Me: "Oh Sadie, don't be silly."

*Sadie runs back for cuddles*

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This is one of my first edited pictures, from February, 2008.
Old "tiel

This is a picture from the same set of images, but edited today.
New tiel

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Me: "You are ENTP. It's nice dating an ENTP!!!"

Him: "I'm not ENTP, and besides, the MBTI is silly."

Me: "Wanna bet? OK, here's the ENTP answer for 'Is the cup half empty or half full?' *Reading* 'ENTP -- Voila! .157 liters hydrogen hydroxide, prepared by micro gnomes ...'"

Him"That's not what I'd say. I'd say the cup is too big and make it smaller so it would be totally full"

Me: "Oh wait! They have a second list of answers!!" *Reading'ENTP - Hmm...it's...(Ingeniously constructs a hacksaw from two straws and a shoelace, cuts the glass in half)...Ah...Now it's completely full!'"

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My vet messaged me on Facebook and said if I was looking to flock Sadie, she had a cockatoo someone'd given her that I might be able to work with. I picked him up on Saturday! His name is Willow and he is WILD! Does. Not. Like. To Be. Handled!

But he and Sadie are already in love :)

Two more pics :)Collapse )

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Dear Miss Sadie,

You are absolutely adorable when you toss things. Really, you are. You have three different styles of toss. The first--my favorite--is when you pick up the object in your foot and fling it over your head. Nice aim! We're getting pretty good at catch that way. The second, and totally cute, is your projectile missile launch. You snatch your object and, holding it in the side of your beak, toss your head back, sending it flying across the room. The third, and least effective, is the sort of under-the-wing-toss you attempt, when you lift your wing and either projectile launch or toss with your foot. Problem is, it doesn't go very far and usually gets caught in your feathers.

A little note: it's funny, but a little rude, when you sit on your basket flinging and launching various objects (mostly bits of basket) at my face. I know it may seem entertaining to you--indeed, you prefer it to almost anything else if given the option--but it is just a touch on the cheeky side. Maybe we can get a basketball hoop and you can aim for that instead?

Hugs and kisses,


On days when I am home early, I get the distinct impression that if Sadie could talk...Collapse )
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These have been edited to be "products" but I thought I'd share them here :)

PEach-faced lovebird


Three more pics :)Collapse )


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And it was soooo hard to do! My roommate helped me. By the time we were done, Sadie was *pissed.*

I put her back on her cage and sat in the lazy-boy nearby. She got one of her little block toys and flung it at me! She hit me on the cheek with it! ROFLMAO!

She spent the rest of yesterday glaring at me from on her cage, and nipping me if I came near. Little bugger!

Today she seems to have forgiven me. I got her some almonds, and sheError running style: S2TIMEOUT: Timeout: 4, URL: sophiedoph.livejournal.com/ at /home/lj/src/s2/S2.pm line 531.